Raya Foods participates in the Gulf Food exhibition in the United Arab Emirates for the third time

15 Feb 2020

35 thousand tons the annual production capacity of Raya Foods Factory

Raya Foods, a subsidiary of the Raya Holding Group for Financial Investments, participated for the second time in the Gulf Food Exhibition (Gulf Food), which was held from February 16-20 in the United Arab Emirates in its 25th session. Gulf Food is considered one of the largest food exhibitions in the world. Throughout the four days, the exhibition presents the best international brands that will showcase the latest products, technologies and their food services.

Omar Abdel Aziz, CEO of Raya Foods, said, “the main goal behind Raya Foods’s participation in this conference is to open new markets, which will positively affect the Egyptian economy in increasing export opportunities from Egypt and attracting more export opportunities to the Arab markets in general and the Gulf market in particular.”

Abdel Aziz added that this participation will help to consolidate the relationship between the company and its current customers, whether in the Gulf region or Europe, especially since Raya Foods is one of the specialized companies in the field of food industries that operate in accordance with international standards and mechanisms. The exhibition is considered an international forum for specialists and business owners in the food sector for exhibitors and visitors to learn what is new in the field of food, whether in the Gulf region or Europe.

Abdel Aziz explained that Raya Foods provides the local and international market with high-quality frozen vegetables and fruits under the trademarks of Lazah and Everest, using the most effective technological methods, through 3 production lines with a production capacity of 35 thousand tons / year.

In addition, Abdel Aziz stated that Raya supports the local economy in an unprecedented way as it contracts with Egyptian farmers to provide it with the required fruits and vegetables according to the standards set by the company. The standards are set through comprehensive audit procedures to ensure that it gets the best crop for its customers, which qualifies it to obtain all international certificates and accreditations related to food quality and safety.

Abdel Aziz explained that between 80-90% of Raya Foods products are exported abroad, whether to the Gulf countries or Europe and America, which provides a source of hard currency and supports the local economy.

Omar Abdel Aziz indicated that regional exhibitions are of great importance to us and other companies because of the weight and diversity they represent, whether from customers or products. The exhibition represents a platform for competition between us and the rest of the companies.

He continued, stating that the Gulf market is growing at a very large rate, especially the Saudi market, and after obtaining the registration of the Saudi Food Safety Authority (SFDA), we were able to conclude commercial deals in these markets and enter Lazah in Saudi Arabia. As for the UAE market, it is one of the most promising markets for us, as quality and reasonable price are the key to success in this market.

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