RAYA Contact Center Wins Best Automotive Customer Service Provider

21 Jan 2021

RAYA Contact Center celebrates winning the Best Automotive Customer Service Provider award from The Global Automotive Awards for its outstanding achievements and superior performance throughout 2020.

The company is a leader in the automotive vertical, managing 15 automotive accounts that serve top-notch car makes across Egypt and GCC, since it provides a wide range of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions.

Alaa El Shafei, the Chief Operating Officer at RAYA Contact Center, said that “Although the pandemic hit hard and the current situations were uncertain, the automotive sector has a great opportunity to rise, benefiting from the changing buying behavior of the customer in-person and digital. To proactively supply their requests, establishing a Business Development Center (BDC) and integrating technology is the future of digitizing the automotive industry.”

Moreover, Alaa El Shafei, also added that a whopping 67% of 2020 GCC car buyers cited online research as their main medium of information before approaching a showroom, as reported by YallaMotor. So, the fact that automotive companies are now getting fewer leads than before urges them to thrive at aligning their sales strategies with the digital services they are providing.

The company’s innovation in the automotive industry has attracted global attention, as it succeeded at combining digitization, customer experience (CX), and customer satisfaction. It has expanded its services to include a BDC for the automotive sector to handle sales calls and digital leads. Building strong relationships with customers is essential to closing automotive business deals and growing sales.

In conclusion, the transformations of buyers’ behavior within the automotive industry cannot be overlooked by companies, especially as businesses grow more aware of the benefits of digitizing some of the automotive operations. Since digitization is taking over multiple verticals and industries, and automotive business leaders definitely see BDC conquering a huge part of the industry for years to come.

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