RAYA Contact Center launches its project to enhance employment skills for university students in cooperation with “Alashanak Ya Baladi” Association, for the employability training of Egypt’s young people

05 Nov 2020

Egypt, Cairo, November 2020: Earlier today, RAYA Contact Center announced its cooperation with Alashank Ya Baladi Association, to launch a project that will enhance the employment skills of university students. The new “Empower your future” campaign represents the organization’s commitment to its core beliefs of giving back to the community. The campaign aims to help Egypt to achieve its sustainable development goals, by enabling Egypt’s young people to refine their employability skills.

The project aims to involve young people in the process of achieving Egypt’s sustainable development goals. RAYA Contact Center is well suited for this goal, as it currently trains students from various public universities. The campaign aspires to empower these students and enhance their skill sets, thereby equipping them with the capabilities required to meet the needs of the current labor market.

The Alashank Ya Baladi (AYB) Association aims to establish and implement innovative development models, in order to achieve social and economic development, while engaging young people in the matter of sustainable development in Egypt.

Eng. Ahmed Refky, the CEO of RAYA Contact Center, has expressed his satisfaction with this partnership with AYB, stressing that RAYA, ever since its foundation, has always sought to participate in community initiatives. With this latest initiative, the organization aims to achieve sustainable development in the country by boosting the engagement of the country’s youth, then training them at the highest professional level in the disciplines required by the global labor market, whether they are seeking employment in Egypt or abroad.

“We are working side by side with various civil society institutions to build a trained generation of young people who are qualified for the needs of the labor market. The cadre banner possesses the tools and standards necessary for this. With the increase in workers in the field of call centers, we will see a positive return to the Egyptian state through dollar revenues in the country’s public treasury and increased numbers of Egyptian technology exports.”
“Our goal is to prepare young Egyptian cadres to compete in the local and regional markets, and to qualify young people to work in both local and international companies.”

From her side, Dr. Raghda El-Ibrashi, President of the Alashank Ya Baladi Association for Sustainable Development, praised the role of RAYA Contact Center, and its influence as the largest company in this field. She stated that this co-operation represents the best way for the two organizations to achieve the strategic linking of university graduates to the labor market, and the ability to provide better job opportunities for young graduates of both genders after they have completed the four-month training period.

“The cooperation with RAYA is a continuation of the association’s activities in this field, as RAYA will contribute towards providing specialized training programs for these young people.”

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