RAYA Contact Center Is A GCXA ’21 Winner!

21 Feb 2021

RAYA Contact Center is standing in line with global CX leaders and professionals as a finalist for three of the most competitive Gulf Customer Experience Awards (GCXA) ‘21. Brought by Awards International, the GCXA™ celebrates the incredible work of CX professionals across the Gulf – and gives them a chance for recognition. As a CX professional looking to celebrate its achievements and expand its knowledge, RAYA Contact Center, one of RAYA Holding’s subsidiaries, is proud of its significant contribution and seizing these unmissable globally- recognized opportunities!

Even though the two CX-focused categories that RAYA Contact Center is participating in are extremely competitive, we are proud to announce winning the Gold Award for CX in Times of Crisis and Silver Award in CX Team of the Year.

Following this huge success, Ahmed Refky, RAYA Contact Center’s CEO, has expressed being happy about receiving these two awards saying: “We’re proud of the announcements that crown our hard work with these two awards from one of the most influential CX-evaluation boards for CX professionals all over the globe. Our joy lies in the fact that we have taken into consideration all the possible scenarios when dealing with the pandemic outbreak. From the very beginning, we have foreseen the importance of having a well-established plan to compact COVID-19. The process had various stages, and the most important one was defining a collective framework that ensures the continuity of operations. Frequent reviews of the framework were conducted to maintain flexibility when needing to alter the methods applied.”

The company has shown huge flexibility and adaptability in difficult times when ensuring that its employees are safe and business continuity is sustained when the COVID-19 outbreak started. The company has been a finalist in the Employees at the Heart of Everything category. Excelling at each and every category impresses not only the GCC region, the GCXA ‘21 participants, but also the company’s employees who are jubilant to be part of the company’s global success.

“It is an honor to be awarded the Gold Award for CX in Times of Crisis, recognizing our hard work during COVID-19. It is a foundational cornerstone for our CX transformation journey. I give wholehearted thanks to my team, and the judges, of course.” Ahmed Refky – CEO

This region’s premier celebration of CX excellence is held in Dubai on 15th and 16th February 2021, giving Ahmed Refky, RAYA Contact Center’s CEO, Hossam Fouad, GCC General Manager, and Mina Habib, the Head of Marketing, the chance to celebrate its success with the team and learn more about the rapid progress in Customer Experience (CX) over the last year, and anticipate its progression for years to come. RAYA Contact Center contribution is so much more than attending an Awards ceremony – it’s the most significant celebration of CX in the Gulf and beyond.

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