Raya confirms the continuation of its precautionary and preventive measures to confront the coronavirus

14 Jun 2020

In continuation in the preventive and precautionary measures taken by Raya Contact Center, one of the subsidiaries of Raya Holding For Financial Investments, to confront the emerging coronavirus (COVID-19), the company affirmed that its human troops are the real wealth of the company, which must be preserved and provide all means of comfort and safe work for all.

Commenting on these measures, Ahmed Refky, CEO of Raya Contact Center, confirmed that since the spread of the coronavirus, the company has begun to formulate new work scenarios to ensure the continuity of work in an efficient manner while providing a safe and healthy work environment for all employees of the company. These measures have helped in the workflow due to the speed in taking the necessary preventive measures and following the safety standards. Through this, Raya has been a haven for its customers and the focus of more companies’ interest to become their customers in the future to ensure the continuation of their business.

Refky added, we have developed all scenarios for the spread of the coronavirus and its consequences from the start and have included most of the events and their repercussions in our risk management plan. Our plan included several points that were keen to achieve in parallel, the most important of which was defining a comprehensive framework to ensure the continuity of operations, with a permanent review of the plan and its challenges with care and resilience to deal with the wide range of potential impacts that could result from the pandemic.

The safety of the team was the only way to sustain and move forward with expansion plans, he continued. Therefore, the company sought to spread awareness and knowledge about the potential risk of the coronavirus pandemic among its employees, by providing the necessary information about the definition and how to prevent and deal with the potential danger. Since the beginning of the crisis, it has sought to preserve the safety of its employees and spare them any potential danger by gathering information about the travel of its employees inside or outside the country, and the returnees from the epicenters of the virus have been put under observation until they prove their safety.

On the other hand, Raya Contact Center has taken many proactive measures in accordance with the guidelines approved by the World Health Organization and the Egyptian government in all its locations, including: sterilization and disinfection of all communication service centers with the knowledge of specialized companies periodically, and encouraging their employees to work from home for those whose work does not require attendance on a daily basis, and the distances between the employees’ sitting places have been restructured with a minimum of one square meter. In addition, taking measures to clean and sterilize the call center speakers on a continuous basis, especially before and after each work shift, and measuring the temperature of the employees upon entry. Any employee suspected of having symptoms of the disease is examined directly by the attending physician at the company’s headquarters and denied entry to the workplace.

On the other hand, the company has reduced operations at its headquarters by providing its services remotely, and has also transformed all recruitment and training procedures into remote, in order to reduce mixing.

The company also launched a dedicated human resources platform that enables all employees to communicate with all management personnel to answer and discuss questions and inquiries remotely. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the company has taken several bold measures such as disbursing salaries for the month of March ahead of schedule, and has also disbursed the annual benefits increase to its employees with the April salaries with retroactive effect from January 2020. In addition, providing a cash allowance for Internet packages to support remote workers, and the heroes working on the sites have also not been overlooked by sharing free daily meals or cash allowances during curfew periods. Raya announced that it would not allow any harm or complacency with any person that might cause the spread of infection or harm to any member of their family and community, as such, the company stressed the need for all its employees to wear protective masks.

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