Extended Partnership for 5 Years A Deal Valued at 250 Million EGP: Suez Cement Contracts with Ostool

25 Jul 2021

(Cairo – July 2021) Crowning the great success Ostool achieved during its cooperation with Suez Cement over the past six years, Suez Cement – a subsidiary of Heidelberg Cement Group – has signed a contract to renew its cooperation with Ostool for five years.

Under the contract, about 65 fleet cars will be allocated for transporting cement and serving Suez Cement factories in Kattameya, Helwan and Suez. The volume of investment under the contract is about 250 million EGP. Ostool will allocate a number of its flatbed and silo trucks for transporting cement under this partnership. Ostool has also adapted its trucks allocated to transport bulk cement, in order to reduce the cost of transportation and reduce the environmental footprint.

The decision to extend the cooperation for five years is based on the highest levels of safety that Ostool’ trucks enjoy and the advanced technological systems used by Ostool, which provide real-time reports on the progress of trucks and monitor performance, besides Ostool’s compliance with safety and security measures. This cooperation reflects the trust Ostool enjoys in the Egyptian and regional market.

Tamer Badrawi, CEO of Ostool Company, said that this step strengthens the company’s position in the market, and it is expected that Ostool will transport over 180,000 tons of cement monthly for the Suez Cement, allocating 65 cars equipped with the latest technologies to serve the local market and promote export activities. Badrawi also noted that Suez Cement is one of Ostool’s most prominent clients, and the current contract has been extended for five years – an unprecedented agreement in the history of contracts between the two companies.

“Ostool has a fleet of over 250 heavy transport vehicles, as one of the largest transport fleets in Egypt. Ostool works efficiently to serve many sectors; most notably, cement industry, glass, wheat, raw materials, natural gas and petroleum.” Badrawi added, noting that Ostool pays special attention to providing goods transportation services within large factories. Ostool is currently seeking to expand its services in several new sectors, most notably the petroleum and natural gas sector. 

He explained that the company’s fleet of cars is supported with the latest technologies, which ensure the delivery of products on time and guarantees the ability to track vehicles through Ostool’s smart system. Ostool is also keen to hire highly qualified drivers.

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