BOD of Raya Customer Experience (RCX) Unanimously Approves Launching a New Company in the U.S.

30 Jul 2021

(Cairo – July 2021) Under its strategy to further expand its operations in global markets, offer premium services, and attract new clients, the BOD of Raya Customer Experience (RCX) – a subsidiary of Raya Holding for Financial Investments – has unanimously approved launching a new company operating in the USA.

The new company is to be called Raya Customer Experience, LLC and shall be registered in the state of Delaware, USA.

Promoting RCX’s presence globally has always been a goal we sought over the years, and we had been waiting for the timely chance to have a distinguished presence in the US market, given its importance in the outsourcing industry, said Medhat Khalil, Chairman of Raya Holding for Financial Investments, commenting on the decision to establish the new company. Today, we announce our official presence in this promising market and start providing our services there. Meanwhile, our endeavors to acquire operating outsourcing companies in the market go hand in hand with launching our new company, and launching our new company will not discourage us from acquiring existing corporations in different markets, he added.

Ahmed Refky, CEO of RCX, has expressed his pleasure with this step, stressing the importance of expanding in the US market. RCX operates in five countries around the world; Egypt, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates, and today, U.S. is added to our global presence map. It is a positive step to increase the company’s footprint, especially with its expansion in the US market, he said.

“RCX’s operations focus on promising industries, especially the medical sector, e-commerce, the automotive sector, Fin-Tech, and banking sector, among a wider spectrum of industries in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the United States of America,” said Refky.

The company is adopting an expansionary strategy that aims at providing comprehensive outsourcing services efficiently from all over the world.

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