A New Partnership: Ostool Transports Ascom’s Carbonate to Ports for Export

14 Jul 2021

(Cairo – July 2021) Ostool, the leading company in the field of transportation, has signed a partnership agreement with Ascom for Carbonate and Chemicals Manufacturing, a subsidiary of Qalaa Holdings. Under the partnership, Ostool shall transport raw material from Ascom factories in Minya governorate to all ports of Egypt, especially Sokhna port. Cooperation shall start as of July.

 The partnership demonstrates the success of Ostool and the trust it enjoys among its customers, especially considering its commitment to the highest levels of industrial security.

Tamer Badrawi, CEO of Ostool, expressed his happiness with the cooperation, as it contributes to diversifying Ostool’s customer portfolio and strengthens the company’s efforts in promoting the export activities of Egyptian products.

Ostool Transport has a fleet of over 250 trucks. The company portfolio covers the cement and mining industries, grains, building materials, and various goods, and it has recently entered the field of transporting carbonate.

Ascom for Carbonate and Chemicals Manufacturing, a subsidiary of Qalaa Holdings, is one of the leading companies in Egypt in manufacturing calcium carbonate products, on which a number of industries are based, especially paper, paints, plastics and chemicals. Ascom’s factories include four production lines with a total capacity of 425,000 tons annually, and 85% of the company’s production is exported in containers to several international markets in South Asia, the Gulf countries, and many major African markets.

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