Strategy and Regional Expansion

31 Oct 2017

With an aggressive five-year growth plan, Raya Contact Center has successfully continued its location expansion strategy roll out to focus on new key markets in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In line with such a challenging objective, Raya Contact Center has recently launched in 2016 its new contact center delivery sites in Warsaw, the talent rich and industrial heart of Eastern Europe, as well as ramped up its capacity in Dubai, the Middle East’s business hub, and Hurghada, Raya’s newest delivery site in Egypt’s Red Sea Capital, launched in 2015. The move strengthens Raya Contact Center’s position ahead of its competitors, and promises even more footprint expansions in the next few years. Raya Contact Center is always keen on choosing strategic locations for its contact centers to help maintain its position as the leading cost-efficient multilingual business process outsourcing and contact center service provider in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Raya Contact Center has identified the below goals for its 5 Year Strategy.

  • Become a distinctive Multi-regional and Multilingual BPO player within EMEA.
  • Build a sustainable leadership position as a “Champion” in the GCC region.
  • Extend leadership by becoming a “Challenger” in the European market.
  • Aspire to pursue a “Global Challenger” path.
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