Raya Restaurants Establishes a Presence in West, East and Central Cairo

07 Nov 2017

Ovio is a European restaurant/café that promises to serve premium quality artisan food for its customers. Ovio is inspired by a rich European heritage, offering a unique selection of fresh bread and delicious pastries inspired by various regions of Europe. To guarantee that only the finest ingredients are served, Ovio works closely with specialty farmers and gourmet suppliers to trace the sources of the best raw materials, through which, it maintains an ascending curve of quality and service. Little Ovio launches at its new locations after the huge success of Ovio in Sheikh Zayed and Maadi.

Raya Restaurants are introducing Little Ovio as an independent chain of small sized shops offering a unique selection of a unique selection of freshly baked goods. Along with customized homemade Greek yoghurt, customized sandwich bar and Ovio’s exceptional coffee. Little Ovio’s Merchandise is expected to expand to reach customers in their own neighborhoods offering them top of the line quality and service.

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