Raya IT – IOT Solutions and Services offering

31 Oct 2017

Raya IT introduced to the market their new IoT services through establishing and mastering a complete IoT services & solutions portfolio addressing the Egyptian market needs. Raya IT smart and connected services such as smart lighting, smart parking, traffic analysis, waste management, public safety and security in order to help compounds and cities to overcome problems such as waste and duplication of investment and effort and difficulty in scaling infrastructure management by improving productivity and service quality. For one of the biggest Malls in Egypt,

Raya Integration delivered a comprehensive, optimized, state of the art IT solutions serving wide areas inside the Mall, including Data Center, Mall campus, outdoor areas, parking and fences. Delivering an IT solution that includes Routing, Switching, Mobility, Voice and Security services with value exceeding 21 million EGP that provides a new digital experience to its customers and employees. Simplify day-to-day IT management. Prepare the site and protect it for the future. Simplify operations, get the reliability that is needed, and deliver better mobile experiences to the employees & Visitors through advanced capabilities such as Wi-Fi-based mobility services, location-based services, visitor behavior analytics and engagement with mobile customers on a personal level.

All Such services are secured to protect users, data, and assure business with strong network-based security via one security package the ability to do intrusion prevention, advanced malware protection, URL filtering and application visibility and control.

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