Raya Holding organizes its 12th Management Seminar with an eye on “MEGA TRENDS”

03 Jun 2016

Raya Management Seminar is an annual event held to realign the direction of the group involving all senior managers, directors, CEOs, and Chairman. The 2016 seminar was held in Sharm El Sheikh at Four Seasons Resort, with 78 leaders across all of Raya group. “Mega Trends” was the topic of the seminar, facilitated by “Frost & Sullivan”, a global research and consulting organization. Each line of business examined the global trends shaping the future and explored how these trends affected their operations and forecasts.

Using different tools and activities the lines of business presented their findings to the Chairman and Board as opportunities to be included in their growth plans. The seminar is a perfect opportunity for the leadership team at Raya to sharpen their skills as well as provide a platform for open discussion between the different companies sharing their business acumen and easing networking to expedite collaboration.

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