Raya Contact Center adds Travel services to its portfolio of supported verticals

31 Oct 2017

In today’s competitive market, the travel and transport industries acknowledge the need to minimize operational costs and retain availability in order to maintain a competitive edge. This requires making every customer interaction count. To achieve this, delivering excellent customer experience is required to keep customers brand loyal and leverage repeated business. Raya brings in-depth experience in delivering exceptional Travel Business Process outsourcing services for clients across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Our newly introduced BOP solutions have helped travel, airlines, and transport companies and service providers to increase cost savings, customer satisfaction and operational inefficiencies. The many services in this sector Raya supports cover processes like:

  • Reservations and ticketing.
  • Package customization.
  • Cross selling and renewals.
  • Membership and loyalty programs.
  • Complaints management.
  • Web, chat and email support.
  • Claims processing.

Our travel industry solutions are geared towards airlines, online travel agencies, hotel chains and transportation service providers. At Raya, we pride ourselves on our tailored solutions geared towards helping our clients achieve better return from each customer interaction, while ensuring the highest quality standards and customer satisfaction for our clients’ brands.

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