Raya Software shares its Agile experience in Agile 2011 in Utah, USA

October 18, 2011

Ali Zewail, Raya Software General Manager, presented a session titled “Agile Adoption in a non-Western cultural context: Is it any different?” to more than 1,600 attendees from around the world, gathered to learn and share ideas around experiences and best-practices on Agile software development. Zewail explained how Raya Software, as an Egyptian company, was faced with challenges specific to Egypt’s cultural context and how they were successfully overcome.

The session shared adoption insights with non-US companies that want to embark on the journey towards becoming an agile organization. Hisham Abdel Rassoul, Raya IT CEO, said, “Our annual presence in Agile conferences is an indispensable responsibility that we took since we have made the decision to transform our practices to those of agile software development in early 2008. This transformation allowed us to proudly stand on the international map of software development, serving our customers with world-class and latest software technology solutions.

"Agile 2011 is the leading international conference on Agile methodology in software development, bringing together many disciplines in the fields of information systems and software development to foster the exchange of fresh ideas and best practices"

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