Raya offers a New Concept for Administration and Commercial Facility Management – Modern Systems for Efficiency and Cost Control Boost

September 21, 2011

The concept aims to enhance the efficiency and to develop the conditions of the facilities, prolonging its infrastructure’s life span and functional systems through world class management, maintenance and monitoring. Fares added that the new service was launched to fulfill the market’s pressing need for new management solutions, especially that the real estate market and the public and private real estate sectors suffer from many problems based on the adoption of traditional facility management systems. These traditional systems don’t fit the needs of today’s vast buildings with advanced design, functionality and user features, and lead to faster depreciation of the facilities and its different systems, with high maintenance cost, recurring problems, and operation interruption for facility users.

The new services include a number of main functions, including management, operation and maintenance. Raya Facility Management has acquired the latest world-class software for management and maintenance of facilities. In addition, for the first time in the Middle East, Raya Facility Management also linked the facility maintenance and management program to the buildings’ automated control system, which helps in monitoring the facility’s efficiency and in the automated identification of problems, which is known as “Proactive Maintenance”. In this light, through periodic follow up and monitoring, problems are spotted beforehand and are prevented. In addition to the periodic monitoring, Raya also offers service level agreements and technical support services and a hotline that receives comments and requests of facility users through a special office that immediately deals with complaints, informing the user of the action to be done, as well as the duration of the request closure and the exact date of problem solution.

Fares added that Raya’s team has a long experience in the light current systems’ management, such as security systems and surveillance camera over IP and the electronic control systems on the entrances and the exits of the building. The team also has long experience in the alarm and firefighting systems and the control rooms of the air-conditioning, elevators, generators and UPS, as well as the lighting  system and the energy and waste control systems to minimize the carbon monoxide and dioxide emissions. In addition, Raya Facility Management team are specialized in the building’s IT and communication networks, with a special focus on communication networks over IP, with a maintenance service and technical support available 24/7. Buildings’ systems are managed by teams of engineers dedicated to supervise and monitor the efficiency through a technical program for facility management. In addition, the management team also provides cleaning and security services, as well as security personnel for each building, Concerning facility development and cost control, Fares commented that:

“Raya offers innovative solutions to save energy through environment-friendly solutions based on international quality standards of the LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) which Raya follows as a benchmark in facility development, in order to reduce operational costs.” In addition, Fares added that Raya has partnered with the most prominent international and local consultants in order to provide the market with the highest level of world class quality

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