Raya IT Inaugurates The Second Phase Of Its Data Center In The 6th Of October City With Nearly EGP 25 Million In Investments

June 25, 2019

Attended by the corporate CEO and board members, Raya Information Technology, a subsidiary of Raya Holding for Financial Investment, inaugurated today the second phase of its data center. The project holds investments of nearly EGP 25 million. With this expansion, Medhat Khalil, the Chairman and CEO of Raya Holding, pointed out that Raya is keen to support the digital transformation and financial inclusion across all the markets the corporate operates in, which goes in line with the country’s long term strategies and goals.

“As Egypt-based corporate, Raya takes pride in contributing to enrich the national and local expertise in the digital field. Hence, we initiate with always supporting our companies towards a digital transformation through the latest techniques; whether it’s in forms of services or products,” Khalil said.

Furthermore, the Chairman confirmed the company’s determination to provide job opportunities to Egypt’s young talents in the field of Communications and Information Technology, in addition to the focus on the resources of income for hard currency through the allocation of services in foreign markets, such as the Gulf area and Africa.

From another perspective, Hisham Abdul Rasoul, Raya Information Technology’s CEO stated that “the company's strategy is to continue to support Egyptian organizations and companies in their plans for digital transformation by providing up to date services and products. The company is also keen to provide employment opportunities for Egyptian youth who are highly trained in the field of ICT engineering and to attract foreign currency through the provision of services across the GCC and Africa.” With regards to the vision of the company, Abdul Rasoul clarified that Raya Information Technology is a main enabler of cloud computing solutions, Internet of Things (IOT) technology, big data and its analysis as a rich source of information that supports companies and organizations in developing their business as well as opening up new markets. Raya provides innovative services suited to the needs of the citizens in the era of the fourth generation of telecommunication.

Engineer Mohammed Saad, Chief Operating Officer of Raya Data Center Services, further mentioned that, “the second phase of Raya Data Center will add to the company's already strong capacity in the field of data centers, which includes three main centers: The first Data Center in 6th of October city, the second in the Maadi Technological District, and the third in New Cairo’s Raya Offices Building”. With respect to the company’s growth year over year in the field of data centers, Saad explained that the company has succeeded since 2016 in achieving growth rates of more than 50%. Adding that Raya serves large business sectors of more than 50 customers, spanning major international and local companies across various fields such as the financial, banking and insurance sectors, as well as the existing operations in in the telecommunications, oil and gas sector.

Saad also affirmed that “Our investment in this field aims at expanding our business horizons and providing the best level of service to our customers, whether current or new. The Data Center is monitoring and keeping up to date with global and regional trends in data center systems and services, cloud computing solutions, the services of recovery from disasters, and the big data management and archiving.”

Additionally, Saad mentioned that the new Data Center is located over an area of 425 square meters and operated by professionally-trained staff.

Raya has been providing data hosting services since 2012 and is now considered one of the leading regional companies in this field. Raya was the first Egyptian company to launch cloud services for its customers since 2017. The company provides technical support services to customers in several languages, including Arabic as well as providing its clients with consulting, surveillance, quality and information security services. All of which has encouraged the company invest further so as to maintain the leadership within the Egyptian market and to deliver ultra-efficient cloud computing services through all-flash cloud technologies.

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