OSTOOL, a Raya Holding subsidiary, signs deal with ASEC to move cement across Egypt

February 9, 2014

OSTOOL Transport, a Raya subsidiary and leader in Egypt’s land transport industry, has signed a major 5- year-agreement with ASEC Cement with a value of 110 million Egyptian Pounds to deliver its bagged and bulk concrete via truck to ASEC customers across Egypt.

Turning over its transportation needs to OSTOOL and 38 state-of- the-art trucks of OSTOOL’s fleet leaves ASEC free to focus on customer service and its core business of manufacturing high quality cement for Egypt’s expanding construction sector. Under this contract, OSTOOL guarantees the prompt and efficient delivery of ASEC’s products to customers in governorates from Cairo to Upper Egypt.

ASEC chose to outsource its cement trucking needs to OSTOOL thanks to its strong reputation for safety and reliability and its expertise in moving both bagged and bulk cement overland. OSTOOL tailors its transportation services to suit each customer’s unique needs. Its trucks are equipped with advanced technology such as a fleet reporting system that constantly reports the vehicle progress as well as the monitoring of a wide variety of factors such as fuel economy and driving habits to ensure goods reach their destinations safely and on time.

“ASEC Cement is one of our most esteemed clients,” said OSTOOL CEO Tamer Badrawi. “This new agreement represents an important milestone in our company’s achievement records, as it solidifies our portfolio among the cement industry and allows us to utilize our state-of- the-art technology-equipped trucks to the benefit of our valued customer.”

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