After exceeding its sales target with 256% Raya Information Technology has been awarded Wincor Nixdorf’s Best Performance Banking Partner of the Year for MEA region

July 8, 2017
Hisham Abdul Rasoul: Our partnership with Wincor Nixdorf is extended for more than 20 years Cairo, July 8, 2017: Raya Information Technology, the leading system integrator in the Egyptian market, has won the award of theBest Performance Partner of the Year in Middle East and Africa from Wincor Nixdorf after a tough competition between 85 Wincor Nixdorf partners from 72 countries around the world. The award was announced in Wincor Nixdorf annual conference for MEA regionthat was held from 09-12 May 2017 in Cape Town, South Africa the Middle East and Africa. Raya Information Technology received this prestigious award because of its continuous efforts to expandand to leadthe market of the Financial Solutions in Egypt with sales exceeding 256% compared to its annual planned target. Raya has always been keen on offering state-of-the-art solutions not only in theATM andSelf-Services but also the Value Added Multi-Vendor Applications and Person -to- Person-Cash transferwhich enables the banking sector to conduct financial transactions through advanced ATM machines that outperform competition in its category. Raya Information Technology is apartner of Wincor Nixdorf as part of a partnership that extended formore than 20 years of cooperation in the Egyptian market. Mr. Hisham Abdul Rasoul, CEO -Raya Information Technology, stated: “we are privileged to be recognized as theBest Performance Banking Partner of the Year in the MEA region. This award crowns the exerted efforts of Raya financial services team, which is the main driver of all the successes we witnessed in the past years.  The partnership between Raya Information Technology and Wincor Nixdorf is extended for more than 20 years, during which we experienced many challenges to reach such a leading position in the market.” Hisham added “Raya Financial Services Team masters a wide range of extended Financial Solutions such as Forex and cash wallets, Money Remittance Solutionsin addition toPROVIEW which is considered as the highest market share & proven technology worldwide due to its distinctive unique features in terms of Management and monitoring systemthat are not offered in similar competing solutions.In line withRaya’s continuous efforts to provide its customers with the latest branch automation technologies; our solutions portfolio dynamically grows day over day to cover the new technology advancement and the foreseen market demand. Hisham highlighted thatRaya Information Technology adopts the government initiative of the Financial Inclusion and E-Payment to achieve financial stability and economic growth. In this frame, Raya helpsits banking customers to implement the latest solutions/ services needed to apply this initiative. Hisham stated “one of our major offerings in this area is the 24/7 Onboarding Services which facilitates the opening of bank accounts for new clients through the Multifunction Kiosks in an easy and fast way that does not take more than 7 minutes per user. He added, “Such service helps banks to provide the service seven days a week which will help banks in attracting larger clients’ base and to grow its reachability with less need for launching new branches. Hisham concluded, "I am fully convinced that the market will witness many changes in the fieldof ATMs and Self Services Solutionsas a result of the merger betweenDiebold Inc. and Wincor Nixdorf. This merger resulted in providing a wide range of integrated banking solutions that can overtake the competition based on the already existing install base of Diebold / Wincor in a large base of financial institutions alongside the leading market share of Diebold / Wincor, which is at least 10% more than its nearest competitor in this sector.”  

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