Ostool Achieves Highest Record of Retread Tires in Egypt

31 Oct 2017

Ostool received a certificate of achievement for the highest retread tires record in 2015 and in the first half of 2016 in Egypt. The total number of retread tires was 859 in 2015, and 875 in the first half of 2016, signifying 39% of the total tire consumption. Retreading tires saves on money and time, and is an environmentally conscious practice. The process of retreading tires relies primarily on keeping track of pressure, retread depth, and the miles travelled by each tire. When the tire approaches the 3 mm mark, it is sent to Bridgestone, the retread tire company. Bridgestone carefully asses the tire condition and starts the retreading process.

 The 3 mm tread is assessed physically and through an ultrasonic technique, and then removed and replaced with a new 18 mm tread. This process renews the tire so that it operates at full capacity. A process not yet adopted by many companies in Egypt, retreading adds almost 70% additional time to the life of a single tire. This process requires extensive follow-up, and a keen focus that ensures the tires are placed in the correct positions on the trucks for maximum output. In a country where tires are burnt after use, retreading massively benefits the environment and ensures a maximum use of the available resources. Ostool is committed to the retreading process and is expected to retread in the range of 1000 tires by the end of 2016.

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