Supporting Innovative Educational Solutions for Underprivileged Children

November 21, 2017

Educate Me is an innovative Egyptian NGO working to provide learner-centered, skills-based education for children in the underprivileged area of Talbeya Haram in Giza, Egypt. Putting individual self-actualization and mutual responsibility at the center of its educational model, Educate Me is working towards transforming the Egyptian education system.

Raya Holding has recognized the large potential for impact change that Educate Me’s work presents, particularly in the context of Egypt’s critically under performing public school system. As a result, the partnership with Educate Me supports the necessary expansion of their facilities in Talbeya Haram. Moreover, supporting Educate Me’s model and enabling the organization to further scale its activities enables Educate Me to advance its mission of changing the Egyptian education system, resulting in potentially large-scale sustainable development dividends for the Egyptian people and the economy.

In 2016, Raya Holding supported Educate Me’s ‘Teacher Training Development Program’, which aims to improve the quality of education within the public schools; this remains a critical challenge in Egypt. The aim of the program is to equip teachers with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver a high-quality learning experience. Raya sponsored the training of 103 teachers in five public schools, which included training in behavior management and teaching 21st century skills (a broad set of knowledge, skills, work habit, and character traits that are critically important to success in today’s world).