Wincor Nixdorf Recognizes Raya IT As the Best Partner of the Year

Raya IT, the leading Company in the field of information technology, won the prize of “The Banking Best Performance Partner of the Year for MEA Region” provided by Wincor Nixdorf, during its annual conference held recently in Cape Town, South Africa, after a competition with 85 institutions of Wincor Nixdorf partners belonging to 72 countries worldwide.
Raya IT was awarded this distinguished prize for its continuous efforts in terms of the notable expansion in the Egyptian market, where the sales volume exceeded 256% compared to the planned work volume during this year. Furthermore, Raya IT provided a number of technical solutions specialized in ATM Services, Self-Services Solutions, and Value Added Multi-Vendor Applications, which enable customers of the banking sector to make financial transactions and to-Person Person–Cash transfer, through the sophisticated ATM machines that have proven to be superior to those of its competitors.

Raya IT is a partner of Wincor Nixdorf in the framework of the partnership relationship that spans more than 20 years of cooperation in the Egyptian market.

On this occasion, Mr. Hisham Abdul Rasoul, the Chief Executive Officer of Raya IT, said: “We are elighted to have won this award, for all efforts exerted by the company’s work team, which is the main engine of any and all successes achieved in the past years. The partnership between Raya IT and Wincor Nixdorf started more than twenty years ago. During these years, we experienced many challenges until we were able to reach the leading position.”

Mr. Hisham Abdul Rasoul added: “Our company has many experts with advanced level of knowledge and skills in terms of providing various specialized solutions connected with the solutions of financial services, e.g. Forex and Cash Wallets, Money Remittance solutions, in addition to PROVIEW, which is the first and most widespread solution worldwide thanks to its unique features in the field of Management and Monitoring Solution besides that are unavailable in competitive solutions in this field. Besides, Raya IT implements technological solutions for the development and automation of branches, using different smart solutions. We exert continuous efforts to develop ourselves to catch up with the continuous progress in the field of technical solutions of financial and banking services, in alignment with our approach to expand in the banking market to serve more customers”.

He added: “Raya IT adopts the State’s initiative to apply the financial inclusion and e-payment in order to achieve the financial stability and economic growth. Within this framework, Raya IT offers its expertise to the banking sector to implement the latest solutions and technical services to help the sector implement this initiative, including 24/7 Onboarding Services that aim to facilitate the opening of bank accounts to new bank customers through the Multifunction Kiosks in an easy and fast way not taking more than 7 minutes per user. This application helps different banks provide the service 7 days a week, through the use of ATM machines and without having to go to bank branches. This application will contribute to attract a large base of new customers to the beneficiary banks, in addition to saving the cost of opening new branches.”

He said: “I’m fully convinced that the Egyptian banking sector will witness many changes in the field of ATM machines and technical banking services in the coming period, due to the merger of Diebold Inc. and Wincor Nixdorf. This merger has led to a number of integrated banking solutions and services capable of overwhelming competitors based on the large spread Diebold/Wincor in a large scale of financial institutions in the Egyptian market and the dominant market share of Diebold/Wincor which is 10% more than its nearest competitor in this sector.”

Raya Integration Offers Command Center Technical Services that Range from Consulting to the Turnkey Delivery of a Complete Command Center

Raya integration was awarded a 4 million Egyptian Pound project with a leading banking firm, furnishing a turnkey Command Center. Raya’s extensive experience in that field with a strong reference list was one of the factors that led to the selection of Raya for this mission. Well-versed in the banking industry and its regulations, the Raya team provides exceptional implementation for the command and Control Center and across bank branches. The Raya team relies on extensive experience to provide turnkey solutions, delivered by a well-trained staff and limited use of subcontractors. Our dedicated team “does it right the first time, every time”. This experience translates to invaluable knowledge and understanding of related requirements for customers in any industry – making Raya an ideal, single source for design, implementation, and maintenance of command and control center solutions. In that aspect, Raya integration can offer.

  • Turnkey Command Center Design/Build. From architecture and engineering through construction management and commissioning, Raya can deliver a complete, end-to-end command center with a single point of responsibility.
  • Integrated Systems Deployment. Raya integration is a pioneer in the integration of security and operations systems into a single user interface, reducing response times, increasing situational awareness and providing a common operating view.
  • Embedded Support. Raya integration provides 24/7/365 support for essential technology and processes, assuring the seamless performance of mission-critical systems.

Raya IT – IOT Solutions and Services offering

Raya IT introduced to the market their new IoT services through establishing and mastering a complete IoT services & solutions portfolio addressing the Egyptian market needs. Raya IT smart and connected services such as smart lighting, smart parking, traffic analysis, waste management, public safety and security in order to help compounds and cities to overcome problems such as waste and duplication of investment and effort and difficulty in scaling infrastructure management by improving productivity and service quality. For one of the biggest Malls in Egypt,

Raya Integration delivered a comprehensive, optimized, state of the art IT solutions serving wide areas inside the Mall, including Data Center, Mall campus, outdoor areas, parking and fences. Delivering an IT solution that includes Routing, Switching, Mobility, Voice and Security services with value exceeding 21 million EGP that provides a new digital experience to its customers and employees. Simplify day-to-day IT management. Prepare the site and protect it for the future. Simplify operations, get the reliability that is needed, and deliver better mobile experiences to the employees & Visitors through advanced capabilities such as Wi-Fi-based mobility services, location-based services, visitor behavior analytics and engagement with mobile customers on a personal level.

All Such services are secured to protect users, data, and assure business with strong network-based security via one security package the ability to do intrusion prevention, advanced malware protection, URL filtering and application visibility and control.

Raya Integration offers outdoor LED Giant Digital Signage technical services that range from consulting to the turnkey delivery of a complete Billboard digital Signage solution

Raya integration has awarded a 350 square meter two Giant LED outdoor Billboard Digital Signage project with one of leading banking firms furnishing a turnkey solution at two of its strategic locations. As imaging is revolutionizing the world, accurate processing and display of visual information is business critical for many professionals worldwide. The firm decided benefiting this technology to meet one of their business needs. Raya Integration have provided an all-in-one solution to the Bank, with simple and intuitive scheduling software to enable them to easily create their own content and create playlists facilitating them showing Powerful and attractive messages even in demanding conditions through LED signage configured for the needs of business Raya Integration – Enterprise Computing team successfully implement the new Oracle engineered solution at one of the leading Banks in the Egyptian market , which led to enhancing the bank performance dramatically, cost effectiveness, and availability for Oracle databases.

This solution features a modern cloud-based architecture with scale-out high performance database servers and storages at lower costs than other platforms. The solution was an ideal case for private database cloud platform with a simple and fast migration plans.

Raya IT Achieved VMware Premier Partnership

This achievement of the highest level of Vmware partnership is awarded for acquiring an extended range of technical expertise in addition to maintaining a high sales performance. By achieving this level, Vmware positions Raya IT as a strategic partner, which distinguishes Raya in the market. Raya Integration was awarded Diebold Nixdorf’s Best Performance Banking Partner of the Year 2016 for MEA region. The award was announced at Diebold Nixdorf MEA Partner Summit -2017 in Cape Town, South Africa from 09-12 May, 2017.

The MEA Partner Summit is an annual event where Diebold Nixdorf celebrates and recognizes the top performing partners in the MEA region. The Summit brought 85 of Diebold Nixdorf’s partners across 72 countries. Diebold Nixdorf is a world leader in enabling connected commerce for millions of consumers each day. As an innovation partner for top financial institutions and retailers, Diebold Nixdorf delivers unparalleled solutions that are essential to evolve in an ‘always on’ and changing consumer landscape. Raya IT, a Diebold Nixdorf Platinum Partner maintains an extended partnership with Diebold for over 20 years. Raya IT’s activities have been acknowledged in the “Special Achievement Banking 2016” for its acquisition of a larger market share of ATMs and its value added Multi- Vendor applications (Forex & Wallet). In the frame of this award, Diebold Nixdorf recognizes Raya for surpassing its annual target by 256%.