BariQ’s Recent Capital Expenditure

31 Oct 2017

In 2016, BariQ expanded its operations and product portfolio by adding the recycling of HDPE and PP containers into resin suitable for various non-food applications such as paints, outdoor furniture, crates, pallets, pipes and insulation sheets. As part of a commitment to sustain the adopted state-of-the-art and cutting edge green technology, and being up-to-date with the worldwide best practices BariQ successfully added new upgrades to the SSP production line, in collaboration with BariQ’s business partner and top-notch Austrian machinery supplier Star Linger.

The upgrades will increase the pellet particle size, which in turn will improve the final product quality in terms of product color values and the mixing percentage with virgin PET as well as the energy efficiency of the process, providing the most updated products and services. Additionally, an Energy Recovery Kit (ERK) was installed, which recovers some of the heat generated in the process and allows it to be reused in the early production stages, saving energy and money.

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