A New Partnership between AMAN for E-Payment and AWEF to Empower 1,000 Women in the Poorest Areas

Mohamed Wahby: AMAN Will Provide 1000 Women in Underprivileged Communities with its POS Machines and App

(Cairo – September 5, 2021) AMAN for E-Payments, a subsidiary of AMAN for Non-banking Financial Services and E-Payments under the umbrella of Raya Holding for Financial Investments, has announced a new partnership with Arab Women’s Enterprise Fund (AWEF), the leading organization working to achieve financial and social empowerment for women. It comes as a part of AMAN’s efforts to promote financial inclusion for minority groups.  

AMAN for E-Payments – in cooperation with AWEF, aims at empowering 1000 women from low-income communities to be included in AMAN’s network of merchants – which, in turn, other women in the same network. AMAN shall provide women with POS machines and AMAN’ POS online app, besides financial support to begin their work – a step that encourages other women to use e-payment methods and be financially included in their communities.

“AMAN strives to achieve financial inclusion for all segments of societies in Egypt, especially women in less fortunate communities. Therefore, we are pleased to be an effective technical and financial partner to the leading foundation in women’s financial empowerment, AWEF, which operates in Egypt and other Arab countries,” commented Mohamed Wahby, the CEO of AMAN for E-Payments. “Such a project is at the core of our strategy and social responsibility,” he added.

“Under this partnership, AMAN provides its POS machines and app to empower 1000 women in underprivileged communities, besides an amount of money to facilitate the early steps of their work. We strongly promote AWEF’s strategy that aims at expanding digital finance projects and financial inclusion for women,” Wahby said.

“AWEF works to promote women’s financial empowerment. We believe that providing women with financial services and payment facilities is a key pillar in achieving gender equality in the workplace,” said Youmna Mustafa, the director of AWEF. “We are delighted with our partnership with AMAN, as a key player in financial digital services’ market in Egypt. Thus, we look forward to our fruitful cooperation with AMAN that shares our journey to empower women.”

AWEF is a development program aimed at women’s economic empowerment, funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). AWEF has recently launched an initiative to expand work with digital financial service providers in Egypt and Jordan. Under this initiative, AWEF investigates the needs of women – as users of digital financial services, facilitates their access to digital financial services, and encourages the development of a financial services infrastructure that provides women with services and products to promote their financial empowerment and participation in the Labor market.

AMAN for E-Payment is one of the three arms of the AMAN for Non-banking Financial Services and E-Payments, under the parent company Raya Holding for Financial Investments. As a leading company in fin-tech in Egypt, AMAN for E-Payment works to achieve financial inclusion through digital solutions. It offers over 700 services through its network of over 120,000 merchants in Egypt. It also works to achieve a cashless society and raise merchants’ awareness to accept non-cash transactions.

Empowering women is a top priority for the AMAN for Non-banking Financial Services and E-Payments as a whole, as the percentage of women’s projects funded by the sister company AMAN for Microfinance has exceeded 40% of the business volume in 2020.

In cooperation with Openner: Raya FutureTECH Becomes a World-Renowned GAN Launch Accelerator

Global Accelerators Network (GAN) announced that Raya CX’ FutureTECH accelerator has joined its world’s most prominent network. By joining GAN, Raya CX’ FutureTECH accelerator – operated in partnership with the venture builder Openner – gives the early-stage tech startups in the Egyptian market a promising opportunity for comprehensive exposure and access to a broad network of startups, founders, and investors from all over the world.

“I could not be more excited to welcome Raya CX to the GAN community. Raya CX has proven itself to be one of the most effective ways for startups to launch their companies. I am so impressed by their leadership team and how they’re thinking about having a powerful impact on the Egyptian community. Needless to say, great things seem to be in store for Raya CX and all the startups they get to work with,” stated Patrick Riley, GAN’s CEO.

Ahmed Refky, CEO of Raya CX expressed his happiness that Raya FutureTECH has joined the network of the Global Accelerators Network, giving the participating startups, a better chance for international exposure besides offering promising prospects for innovation and business development.

The Global Accelerators Network (GAN) provides the startups with access to its massive community that comprises the largest group of accelerators, partners, and investors in over 120+ cities across six continents. Becoming a part of GAN provides the founders with a rich array of resources and exceptional experiences from around the globe.

A training camp will be launched by the beginning of September to choose startups that will be taking part in the first phase of the program that begins in October and takes place during the following three months.

Raya FutureTECH shall enable the participants to run several PoCs and ensure their solutions are in line with the Raya CX’s innovation vision. In addition, participants will have access to Raya CX’s research and data system, and hands-on support to scale their business, offered by Openner – the program’s main partner.

Raya FutureTECH program also provides joint financial support from Raya and Openner, up to 1 million EGP, as well as several boot camps that focus on designing tailored growth plans and 1-1 coaching for startups’ founders, guided by Openner’s expert team. In addition, Raya CX will also hire a dedicated team to develop the accelerator’s program to ensure more cooperation and coordination between its experts and the startup’s founders.

Lebanese Restaurant Loris is Now Open in Egypt

(Cairo – 2021) In cooperation with Raya Restaurants – a subsidiary of Raya Holding for Financial Investments – the Lebanese premium restaurant Loris has opened its doors in Egypt for the first time in Galleria40, Sheikh Zayed.

Loris new branch in Egypt is the first outside Lebanon, as it has first opened its main branch in 2015 in one of the most beautiful traditional buildings on Pasteur Street, Beirut, and has since then become the go-to destination for Lebanese cuisine lovers from all around the world.

It comes as a part of Raya Restaurants’ strategy to further expand its brand portfolio in the restaurants’ sector with a total investment of 50 million EGP throughout the five coming years to promote its business activity in Egypt.

“We are delighted to welcome Loris to our brand portfolio, aiming to give a diversity of offerings to enhance our customers’ journey. This confirms our company’s strategy in offering more diverse experiences to our customers,” said Karim Khalifa, CEO of Raya Restaurants. “Incorporating a well-established brand like Loris into Raya Restaurants is an essential step for the company to expand and adopt distinct cuisines that appeal to as many customers as we can.”

“Raya group is a strategic partner for Loris, since they provide prime locations in Cairo powered by a professional team to manage and develop our brand in Egypt and not only in Cairo,” said Jean-Marie Riachi, the founder of Loris and the Lebanese music producer. “When you visit Loris, you will notice the homey feel and most importantly the fusion between our nostalgic design and the urban modern feel.”

Loris is the place for family gatherings, business lunch, dinner, breakfast, and happy hours, he added, while also emphasizing the quality of service and extraordinary ambience. “Loris and our team strive to perfectly welcoming our guests, and we always greet them with a smile”

Established in 2015 at the heart of Beirut, Loris is a Lebanese restaurant offering an extensive menu of traditional Lebanese recipes with a twist in a pleasant atmosphere perfect for food lovers of all tastes. The menu offers a wide range of delectable savory dishes and flavorsome desserts with an authentic Lebanese touch, combining premium quality and extraordinary taste.

Raya Restaurants, a subsidiary of Raya Holding, was established in 2013 with the aim to positioning itself as a market leader within the restaurant sector in Cairo, building internationally competitive chains that provide a superior dining experience. It works to invest in prominent franchises both regionally and globally. Raya Restaurants has four brands: Ovio, The Lebanese Bakery, Jones the Grocer, and Loris.

BOD of Raya Customer Experience (RCX) Unanimously Approves Launching a New Company in the U.S.

(Cairo – July 2021) Under its strategy to further expand its operations in global markets, offer premium services, and attract new clients, the BOD of Raya Customer Experience (RCX) – a subsidiary of Raya Holding for Financial Investments – has unanimously approved launching a new company operating in the USA.

The new company is to be called Raya Customer Experience, LLC and shall be registered in the state of Delaware, USA.

Promoting RCX’s presence globally has always been a goal we sought over the years, and we had been waiting for the timely chance to have a distinguished presence in the US market, given its importance in the outsourcing industry, said Medhat Khalil, Chairman of Raya Holding for Financial Investments, commenting on the decision to establish the new company. Today, we announce our official presence in this promising market and start providing our services there. Meanwhile, our endeavors to acquire operating outsourcing companies in the market go hand in hand with launching our new company, and launching our new company will not discourage us from acquiring existing corporations in different markets, he added.

Ahmed Refky, CEO of RCX, has expressed his pleasure with this step, stressing the importance of expanding in the US market. RCX operates in five countries around the world; Egypt, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates, and today, U.S. is added to our global presence map. It is a positive step to increase the company’s footprint, especially with its expansion in the US market, he said.

“RCX’s operations focus on promising industries, especially the medical sector, e-commerce, the automotive sector, Fin-Tech, and banking sector, among a wider spectrum of industries in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the United States of America,” said Refky.

The company is adopting an expansionary strategy that aims at providing comprehensive outsourcing services efficiently from all over the world.

Extended Partnership for 5 Years A Deal Valued at 250 Million EGP: Suez Cement Contracts with Ostool

(Cairo – July 2021) Crowning the great success Ostool achieved during its cooperation with Suez Cement over the past six years, Suez Cement – a subsidiary of Heidelberg Cement Group – has signed a contract to renew its cooperation with Ostool for five years.

Under the contract, about 65 fleet cars will be allocated for transporting cement and serving Suez Cement factories in Kattameya, Helwan and Suez. The volume of investment under the contract is about 250 million EGP. Ostool will allocate a number of its flatbed and silo trucks for transporting cement under this partnership. Ostool has also adapted its trucks allocated to transport bulk cement, in order to reduce the cost of transportation and reduce the environmental footprint.

The decision to extend the cooperation for five years is based on the highest levels of safety that Ostool’ trucks enjoy and the advanced technological systems used by Ostool, which provide real-time reports on the progress of trucks and monitor performance, besides Ostool’s compliance with safety and security measures. This cooperation reflects the trust Ostool enjoys in the Egyptian and regional market.

Tamer Badrawi, CEO of Ostool Company, said that this step strengthens the company’s position in the market, and it is expected that Ostool will transport over 180,000 tons of cement monthly for the Suez Cement, allocating 65 cars equipped with the latest technologies to serve the local market and promote export activities. Badrawi also noted that Suez Cement is one of Ostool’s most prominent clients, and the current contract has been extended for five years – an unprecedented agreement in the history of contracts between the two companies.

“Ostool has a fleet of over 250 heavy transport vehicles, as one of the largest transport fleets in Egypt. Ostool works efficiently to serve many sectors; most notably, cement industry, glass, wheat, raw materials, natural gas and petroleum.” Badrawi added, noting that Ostool pays special attention to providing goods transportation services within large factories. Ostool is currently seeking to expand its services in several new sectors, most notably the petroleum and natural gas sector. 

He explained that the company’s fleet of cars is supported with the latest technologies, which ensure the delivery of products on time and guarantees the ability to track vehicles through Ostool’s smart system. Ostool is also keen to hire highly qualified drivers.

A New Partnership: Ostool Transports Ascom’s Carbonate to Ports for Export

(Cairo – July 2021) Ostool, the leading company in the field of transportation, has signed a partnership agreement with Ascom for Carbonate and Chemicals Manufacturing, a subsidiary of Qalaa Holdings. Under the partnership, Ostool shall transport raw material from Ascom factories in Minya governorate to all ports of Egypt, especially Sokhna port. Cooperation shall start as of July.

 The partnership demonstrates the success of Ostool and the trust it enjoys among its customers, especially considering its commitment to the highest levels of industrial security.

Tamer Badrawi, CEO of Ostool, expressed his happiness with the cooperation, as it contributes to diversifying Ostool’s customer portfolio and strengthens the company’s efforts in promoting the export activities of Egyptian products.

Ostool Transport has a fleet of over 250 trucks. The company portfolio covers the cement and mining industries, grains, building materials, and various goods, and it has recently entered the field of transporting carbonate.

Ascom for Carbonate and Chemicals Manufacturing, a subsidiary of Qalaa Holdings, is one of the leading companies in Egypt in manufacturing calcium carbonate products, on which a number of industries are based, especially paper, paints, plastics and chemicals. Ascom’s factories include four production lines with a total capacity of 425,000 tons annually, and 85% of the company’s production is exported in containers to several international markets in South Asia, the Gulf countries, and many major African markets.

As Part of its Expansion Strategy Deal Valued at $12.2 Million: Raya Customer Experience (RCX) Acquires the Majority of Gulf CX

(Dubai – Cairo, July 2021) Out of its leadership in the industry of outsourcing, Raya Customer Experience (RCX), a subsidiary of Raya Holding for Financial Investments, announced today that it has acquired 85% of the shares of Gulf CX, the leading provider of BPO services in the Gulf. The deal value amounted to $12.2 million.

This comes after the BoD of RCX has made a purchase offer to acquire the majority stake in Gulf CX, which serves over 40 clients from various sectors in 10 countries around the world.

Gulf CX was established in 2015 and is located in Bahrain as its regional headquarters in the Gulf region. Gulf CX’s team has extensive experience in outsourcing regionally for over 30 years. It operates its business through three branches in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Gulf CX has over 800 professionals in outsourcing services, 90% of whom are Gulf nationals and it provides its services 24/7.

Commenting on the acquisition, Mr. Medhat Khalil, CEO of Raya Holding for Financial Investments said: “We are always looking for promising opportunities to seize – this is the philosophy of our company and we always seek to offer services that distinguish us from competitors – this has always been the secret to our success. Our actual capital is our human resources, on whom Raya is based as one of the leading service providers in the East.”

Ahmed Refky, Chief Executive Officer of RCX, expressed his pleasure with the successful acquisition deal sought by RCX to expand its activities and increase its market share in the Gulf region in general and Saudi Arabia in particular.

This deal reflected the technical and financial capabilities of RCX in the GCC region and the world, he added.

He continued: “Through its acquisition of Gulf CX, RCX is expanding the services provided to major corporations in both government and private sectors, as well as a wide range of industries, such as health, e-commerce, logistics, transport and food, and the financial and banking sectors.”

Since its inception, Gulf CX has proven its excellence in providing high-quality outsourcing services. For this exact reason, RCX chose the acquired company to support its operations in the largest markets in the region, Refky explained.

“It is a great honor for our company to be acquired by a leading company as large and capable as RCX, which has an impressive history in this industry. With Raya, we are confident that we will provide unprecedented services and add much to our company’s activities.” Rami Sweis, CEO and Founder of Gulf CX commented.

RCX pursues an ambitious plan based on three main pillars, namely:

●        To strengthen the current client portfolio by improving performance and raising the level of satisfaction of existing clients.

●        To develop digital infrastructure. RCX is expanding its digital services’ capabilities, besides the usual voice services. RCX’s statistics reflect how digital services have been developed; RCX’s services provided during 2021 are divided into digital services (42%) and voice services (58%) – compared to 90% as voice services, and 10% as digital services last year. The company seeks to provide an integrated portfolio of services that includes voice, non-voice, and customer support via social media platforms.

●        To expand its operations, as the company has 8 branches in Egypt, one in the UAE, and another in Poland. In addition, its advanced operating systems facilitate remote work. RCX has already taken its first steps of expansion in the Gulf market through its acquisition of Gulf CX. RCX is globally recognized by being included in the list of Top Global 100 outsourcing companies by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals – IAOP in the USA – a recognition that builds on RCX journey of success in the BPO industry.

Raya Trade Signs Cooperation protocol with Lyve to Provide Home Appliance and Electronics to Residential Compounds

As a part of Raya’s expansionary strategy and as an affirmation of tremendous trust it has in the Egyptian market, Raya Trade, a subsidiary of Raya Holding for Financial Investments has signed a protocol of cooperation with Lyve, a leading community management platform that facilitates residents’ access to services.

Under the cooperation, Raya Trade shall provide occupants of various residential compounds with home appliances and consumer electronics. It also offers the fastest and most efficient installing services, as it introduces VIP-class services – for the first time, allowing delivery and installation on the same day of purchase through Lyve app.

The first phase of the project includes the provision of Raya Trade services and products in residential compounds on the North Coast, with a view to expansion into other residential compounds covered by Lyve services in Cairo and Giza.

Commenting on this cooperation, Bassem Megahed, CEO of Raya Trade, expressed his pleasure with the trust that Lyve has in Raya Trade and its products. He stressed that “Raya Trade, with its long history and considerable experience, can provide occupants of residential compounds with all needed home appliances and consumer electronics through the marketplace of Lyve.”

On his part, Karim Akram, CEO of Lyve, said: “We are delighted with our partnership with Raya Trade, as this cooperation adds high value to our users. There are over 4000 families who move into their new homes every year, and we are working to meet their different needs in the residential compounds. Through Lyve, we provide our users with easy access to the best service providers and offer the best deals to help users move into their new homes faster and easier. We consider Raya Trade as a brilliant partner, especially as a provider of home appliances, given its wide experience and variety of products, and most importantly, its ideal customer services and after-sales support.”

Raya Trade has been a leading company in the consumer electronics market in Egypt since 1998. It offers distribution and maintenance services for a variety of appliances and consumer electronics. Raya Trade has a wide network of distributors that includes over 8,500 across all distributed brands in 14 governorates, 110 retail outlets, 48 customer service points, and 12 after-sales service centers.

Lyve has been a leading provider of integrated services to residential compounds since 2016. Its services cover over 100 residential compounds, including over 120,000 residential units. Lyve provides community management services, ensuring residents’ access to facilities. It also facilitates electronic payment for services, provides special price offers to users. In addition, it offers an online shopping platform through the app.

RCC Wins the Title of “Ambassador of Hope” on Zayed Humanitarian Day for Supporting Children with Autism in Developing Countries

Celebrating Raya’s development role and activities within its framework of social responsibility, and affirming Raya’s humanitarian efforts, Tariq Center for Rehabilitation and Autism in the United Arab Emirates has announced that Raya Contact Center – Dubai, a subsidiary of Raya Holding for Financial Investments, was chosen this year to win the title of “Ambassador of Hope” in Zayed Humanitarian Day, that is celebrated annually on 19th of Ramadan.

It comes as a part of the fifth course of Zayed giving campaign for E-Assessment for Autism, organized by Tariq Center for Rehabilitation and Autism. The campaign aims at overcoming the plight of differently-abled and Autistic children, promoting their integration as part and parcel of society, developing their talents and capacities, and building their self-confidence. The campaign also includes social awareness about autism and supports the families of differently-abled persons.

The trophy shield of Raya was received by Maggi Dewedar, RCC’s Support Functions Director and Hossam Fouad, General Manager of RCC Gulf. As an “Ambassador of Hope”, Raya covers the treatment costs of three children in developing countries and supports their education journey.  

Ahmed Refky, Chief Executive Officer of Raya Contact Center, has expressed his pleasure with the recognition gained by RCC in the UAE, as a key provider of customer experience solutions in the UAE and Gulf countries. He stressed Raya spares no efforts to give back to the community, not only in Egypt but in several developing countries as well. “The primary objective of our participation is to ensure that people with autism have the highest standard of physical and mental health, especially in developing countries, where autistic persons suffer from the scarcity of public health centers for autism and the high cost of treatment in the private health sector, given the reduced support and interest of governments,” he said. 

“That is where the participation of the business sector comes into play, in cooperation with supporting countries and institutions. Like the overall population, people with autism face the same health problems, besides their need for special health care. Also, the importance of awareness, community participation, and government involvement is reflected in protecting this vulnerable group from the risk of violations and assaults,” he added.

UAE has decided to name the 19 of Ramadan of each year as “Zayed Humanitarian Day”, marking the anniversary of the death of the founder of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, in commemoration of his highness and to honor of his role in establishing humanitarian giving efforts in the UAE. 

New Strategic Cooperation Between Blue Bus and AMAN for Financial Services to Offer Ticketing Services Across +30 AMAN Branches – As First Phase

Within the framework of their partnership to provide customers with more efficient and quicker services, AMAN for Financial services – a subsidiary of Raya Holding for Financial Investments – and the leading operator in the field of collective passenger transport Blue Bus has announced expanding their cooperation to include travel reservation procedures through over 30 branches of Aman for Financial Services, in addition to +100000 points of sale of AMAN for E-Payments. 

This new cooperation follows the success of the partnership between AMAN and Blue Bus over the recent years. It began with the idea of integrating services of Blue Bus and AMAN for Financial Services, then it materialized after signing a protocol of cooperation between the two parties to provide ticketing services of Blue Bus through the branches of AMAN for Financial services, in addition to the POS of AMAN for E-Payments. The service is to be expanded soon to include more of the places covered by both companies. 

Commenting on this step, Hazem Moghazy, CEO of AMAN for Financial Services, emphasized AMAN’s pride of the continued cooperation with Blue Bus. Through this cooperation, clients can visit over 30 branches of AMAN for Financial Services in Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria – as an initial phase – for all booking procedures, payment, and issuance of tickets easily and securely. Branches also offer the possibility of payment for tickets in installments. Meanwhile, work is underway to offer the service in all 250 branches of AMAN for Financial Services scattered across the country, Moghazy added.

Our aim is to change the culture of people regarding electronic payment and collection, through offering required technical solutions to make the process easier for clients, said Mohamed Wahby, CEO of AMAN for E-Payments. We are taking firm steps towards providing both banked and unbanked populations in Egypt with secured e-payment channels conveniently and at a low cost. These services promote financial inclusion, as they follow the track of the transformation into a cashless society, and they also align with the vision and strategy of Egypt, he added.

Shahenaz Elshaer, the chairperson of Blue Bus, said that: We strive to maintain and expand this continued cooperation between our corporate and AMAN. We are now working as one team to provide our customers with excellent and fast services. Since offering e-payment services within our ticket reservation system on our website, about 250,000 payments have been made, with the value of tickets issued through this service exceeding EGP 65 million. As soon as we have launched Blue Bus, we have been keen to include AMAN for E-Payments as an essential provider of ticketing services through the website and the app. We are working to expand cooperation by providing an integrated reservation and payment service at AMAN for Financial Services branches, which is what we are proud of today, she added.

RAYA Contact Center launches its project to enhance employment skills for university students in cooperation with “Alashanak Ya Baladi” Association, for the employability training of Egypt’s young people

Egypt, Cairo, November 2020: Earlier today, RAYA Contact Center announced its cooperation with Alashank Ya Baladi Association, to launch a project that will enhance the employment skills of university students. The new “Empower your future” campaign represents the organization’s commitment to its core beliefs of giving back to the community. The campaign aims to help Egypt to achieve its sustainable development goals, by enabling Egypt’s young people to refine their employability skills.

The project aims to involve young people in the process of achieving Egypt’s sustainable development goals. RAYA Contact Center is well suited for this goal, as it currently trains students from various public universities. The campaign aspires to empower these students and enhance their skill sets, thereby equipping them with the capabilities required to meet the needs of the current labor market.

The Alashank Ya Baladi (AYB) Association aims to establish and implement innovative development models, in order to achieve social and economic development, while engaging young people in the matter of sustainable development in Egypt.

Eng. Ahmed Refky, the CEO of RAYA Contact Center, has expressed his satisfaction with this partnership with AYB, stressing that RAYA, ever since its foundation, has always sought to participate in community initiatives. With this latest initiative, the organization aims to achieve sustainable development in the country by boosting the engagement of the country’s youth, then training them at the highest professional level in the disciplines required by the global labor market, whether they are seeking employment in Egypt or abroad.

“We are working side by side with various civil society institutions to build a trained generation of young people who are qualified for the needs of the labor market. The cadre banner possesses the tools and standards necessary for this. With the increase in workers in the field of call centers, we will see a positive return to the Egyptian state through dollar revenues in the country’s public treasury and increased numbers of Egyptian technology exports.”
“Our goal is to prepare young Egyptian cadres to compete in the local and regional markets, and to qualify young people to work in both local and international companies.”

From her side, Dr. Raghda El-Ibrashi, President of the Alashank Ya Baladi Association for Sustainable Development, praised the role of RAYA Contact Center, and its influence as the largest company in this field. She stated that this co-operation represents the best way for the two organizations to achieve the strategic linking of university graduates to the labor market, and the ability to provide better job opportunities for young graduates of both genders after they have completed the four-month training period.

“The cooperation with RAYA is a continuation of the association’s activities in this field, as RAYA will contribute towards providing specialized training programs for these young people.”

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