Switch Med – MED TEST II Program (UNI DO)

BariQ is currently engaged in SwitchMed – MEDTEST II program that is funded by the UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) that addresses the need to promote cleaner production with sustainable and efficient resource consumption. This initiative is being implemented in 8 countries in the southern Mediterranean, and the implementation is being done in Egypt by ENCPC experts (a division of the Ministry of Trade & Industry).

As a member of the UNIDO project, BariQ will benefit from it to facilitate energy/raw materials improvements mainly through projects in 2-3 focus areas targeting energy conservation such as fuel, water and electricity, in addition to improving raw materials quality and consumption. The project will build knowledge and in-depth technical capacity, with an emphasis on system optimization and ISO energy management in industry. Additionally, BariQ will gain technical assistance through appointed foreign experts in the field for a period of around 3 months with an agreed upon scope of work.

Sustainability in Practice: School & University Visits / Projects

As part of BariQ’s efforts to promote the significance of recycling and raising awareness among school students and universities, BariQ organizes school and university visits. The students learn about the importance of recycling starting from the receiving and sorting phases to the recycling process and the new end product.

BariQ intends to replicate this experience with more schools and universities in the coming period as part of its sustainability program, aiming at building new generations well aware of the importance of recycling, changing their lifestyle to one that is environmentally conscious, and arming them with the knowledge of the environmental challenges that lay ahead.

Sustainability Highlights

BariQ is aware of today’s business imperative to play a pivotal role in promoting sustainability development goals (SDG’s). Raya, being an active participant in the UN Global Compact, encourages BariQ to further its commitment to contribute to such goals and be a local SDG pioneer through the continued efforts in fostering innovation and economic growth.

Recycling PET plastics at BariQ uses two-thirds less energy than that required from new (virgin) materials, and for every ton of rPET used greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by over 1.5 tons of CO2. Finally, rPET reduces the amount of energy needed in manufacturing compared to virgin resin, offering a saving in electricity costs.

Aman E-Payments Fastest Growing

Launching its services in Q3 of 2016, Aman has since assumed a game – changing role in the e-payments industry in terms of foot-print in the market. Aman launched with a steep target of more than 20,000 merchant outlets providing the service across the nation within 2017. Aman represents the fastest growing network of merchants with highest accessibility in the market. Aman has a record setting performance of more than 85 transactions/second; and an augmented customer experience, for both our end customers and merchant partners.

Aman for e-payments has also successfully established strong relationships with partners of success to avail relevant and useful services to consumers. Partners from the telecom, banking, and non-profit sectors, amongst others, were first to join the network of billers and have shared Aman’s vision of creating a cashless and financially included society for the average Egyptian consumer. With its young and dynamic team of talents.

Aman for e-payments has pledged to lead the market towards a new era of innovative technology and convenient, easy and affordable services to the masses. With its sprint start, Aman for e-payments will continue to set the trend in the Egyptian e-payment market, bringing global digital advancement with a local flavor to the market.

Board of Directors and CEO’s Strategist for 2020

The Board and CEO’s consulted in a strategy session to set the strategy for Raya 2020. Building on the outcomes of the Management Seminar, the strategy session took all the opportunities further turning them into actionable plans. Over the course of the past four years, Raya underwent numerous expansion plans including adding new industries to the portfolio and opening locations outside Egypt.

Launch of Raya’s Graduate Program – Rise

In 2016, Raya Holding launched its graduate program Rise. It provides an opportunity for enthusiastic talents, with maximum 2 years of experience, to gain in-depth exposure in varied functions and work within the departments that best match their skills, potential and personality traits.

For 1 year “Risers” rotate while working on stretch assignments. The program’s goal is to develop our leaders of the future and expand growth possibilities to both Raya and “Risers” in the different functions. Over 300 applications were received and filtered. The best 6 candidates were chosen to complete the program in December 2017.

Raya Top Achievers travel to Budapest to celebrate their achievements

Raya Holding organized its annual Raya Achievers’ Club (RAC) trip to Budapest, Hungary from the 20th of September to the 24th of September, 2016. Raya’s top achievers were awarded for their repetitive outstanding performance during 2015 with a 5-day trip where they enjoyed superb breathtaking nature, joyful activities, historical sightseeing, great affordable shopping, and cheerful gatherings. The trip included exciting tours in Budapest where the achievers visited Gellert Hill and had a look at the fabulous panorama from the top of the hill. They also passed by the ancient Basilica Church, had a wonderful river cruise in the Danube River at night, visited Lazar Park where a great horse show was presented along with other entertaining activities including a carriage ride and fun games. The Raya Achievers also went to Hero Square where they participated in a group cycling activity. The trip also included a day spent in Vienna, only four hours from Budapest. For more than 15 years since 2001, the RAC trip has been a great tool of recognition, appreciation, and motivation for Raya employees. Past destinations haven included Greece, Malaysia, Thailand, England, France, Brazil, Italy, Romania and South Africa.

Raya Holding organizes its 12th Management Seminar with an eye on “MEGA TRENDS”

Raya Management Seminar is an annual event held to realign the direction of the group involving all senior managers, directors, CEOs, and Chairman. The 2016 seminar was held in Sharm El Sheikh at Four Seasons Resort, with 78 leaders across all of Raya group. “Mega Trends” was the topic of the seminar, facilitated by “Frost & Sullivan”, a global research and consulting organization. Each line of business examined the global trends shaping the future and explored how these trends affected their operations and forecasts.

Using different tools and activities the lines of business presented their findings to the Chairman and Board as opportunities to be included in their growth plans. The seminar is a perfect opportunity for the leadership team at Raya to sharpen their skills as well as provide a platform for open discussion between the different companies sharing their business acumen and easing networking to expedite collaboration.

Raya sponsors TEDx Cairo

Cairo is a platform under the umbrella of TED organization that provides an opportunity for individuals to share “ideas worth spreading”. Talks vary in topics to include technology, innovation, and education featuring people telling their real-life experiences and learnings. TEDxCairo was held for the fifth year in 2016 at the Marquee Theater in Cairo Festival City, and it saw a turnout of over 1000 guests. Raya sponsored the event as part of raising awareness of the different Lines of Business (LOBs) and marketing Raya as an employer of choice. Representatives from the different LOBS came together to create an unforgettable fun experience for the attendees through different games and activities with a focus to inform attendants about Raya. Various interactive activities took place. Raya setup a “fun lounge” with different activities for the attendees to engage in the Ovio team was on hand catering the event.