Aman E-Payments Fastest Growing

31 Oct 2017

Launching its services in Q3 of 2016, Aman has since assumed a game – changing role in the e-payments industry in terms of foot-print in the market. Aman launched with a steep target of more than 20,000 merchant outlets providing the service across the nation within 2017. Aman represents the fastest growing network of merchants with highest accessibility in the market. Aman has a record setting performance of more than 85 transactions/second; and an augmented customer experience, for both our end customers and merchant partners.

Aman for e-payments has also successfully established strong relationships with partners of success to avail relevant and useful services to consumers. Partners from the telecom, banking, and non-profit sectors, amongst others, were first to join the network of billers and have shared Aman’s vision of creating a cashless and financially included society for the average Egyptian consumer. With its young and dynamic team of talents.

Aman for e-payments has pledged to lead the market towards a new era of innovative technology and convenient, easy and affordable services to the masses. With its sprint start, Aman for e-payments will continue to set the trend in the Egyptian e-payment market, bringing global digital advancement with a local flavor to the market.

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