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Headquartered in Cairo, Egypt, yet unrepressed to cover operations in all continents, Raya Holding is an auspicious investment conglomerate managing a diversified investment portfolio. As the parent company of eleven up-and coming lines of business, Raya Holding operates in the fields of information technology, data center outsourcing, contact center, smart buildings, consumer electronics, food and beverage, land transport, PET re-manufacturing, E-payments and Non-banking financial services. Raya Holding shares have been listed in the Egyptian Exchange (EGX) since 2005, while the company empowers more than 11,000 proficient employees, accommodating a wide international customer base from offices based in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Poland, Nigeria and Tanzania.

Our Vision

A Market Leader No Matter Where we are

Our Values
Foundation for Success

Despite our high levels of adaptability and ability to change, we have kept our values fixed and untouched. The opportunities we consistently seize and the new markets we aggressively penetrate, have only been lit through with the aid of our beliefs. The four values upon which we base all operations have been the foundation that holds our head up high and strong against some of the toughest prevailing economic winds. Through them, we shall continue to follow our dreams and realize a stone-carved legacy to thrive and last.

Team Work

Raya realizes the significance of teamwork on many levels. The company is continually promoting the concept, by seeking to bring together personnel with a diversity of backgrounds, skill levels and varied areas of expertise. We believe that working in teams guarantees fresh perspectives and provides a more efficient outcome and a more comprehensive delivery of results.

Respect To People

Respect for people is a deeply entrenched value in our culture. Our people are devoted employees, trusting shareholders and essentially each and every customer. Respect for people is the value we uphold daily, and upon which we build all connections and relations in or outside the company.

Customer Focus

Raya is committed to offer its customers an exceptional experience and unparalleled quality of service. Every task, from the sales pitch to the after-sales support, is customized to suit customer needs. It is customer focus that is consistently guiding us to higher levels of achievement and success.


Excellence in every aspect of our various lines of business is how we maintain our position as “a market leader no matter where we are”. Raya encourages excellence by rewarding skill and performance. With an unyielding desire to triumph and an unbending will to succeed, Raya is committed to continually developing the quality of services it currently offers. The company benchmarks itself according to international quality standards.

20 Years in Business
11K+ Employees
+1.8 B EGP Investment to Date

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Raya sponsors TEDx Cairo

Cairo is a platform under the umbrella of TED organization that provides an opportunity for individuals to share “ideas worth spreading”. Talks vary in topics to include technology, innovation, and education featuring people telling their real-life experiences and learnings. TEDxCairo was held for the fifth year in 2016 at the Marquee Theater in Cairo Festival […]

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