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Raya Manufacturing and Exports, a subsidiary of Raya holding, blends high quality products with professional domestic distribution and broad regional existence, RME portfolio of services includes manufacturing of a wide range of food product categories, distribution for our company-owned food brands and for leading food producers in the market, as well as exporting food products to the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Raya Manufacturing and Exports utilizes international expertise that over-shine existing market trends in Egypt through strategic partnerships with leading European food manufacturers; with recent acquisition of 20% share of Makarony Polskie factory in Poland with a total acquisition value of 2.9 million dollars, becoming its sole partner aiming to penetrate new markets and capitalize on Raya’s wide distribution network and expertise.

Raya Manufacturing & Exports
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With the aim of filling the quality-price gap that exists in the Egyptian food market, RME is please to launch its own food Brand: Haneya that provides customers with good quality products with affordable prices.

Haneya will be introduced to the market in 3 different food categories Pasta, Tomato Paste & Fava Beans - and will continue to expand its range in the upcoming months.

The distribution strategy in RME is built on strong pillars that ensure nationwide coverage that operates on professional scientific and profitable approach that aligns with the best Industry practices. A professional fleet committed to deliver best services to all customers across Egypt.
RME launched specified procedures and communicated KPIs to achieve the best utilization of Human Capital and Vehicles, more focus on financial activities of the fleet, Better control on logistics operations across distribution Centers, increase the follow-up on maintenance, licensing, insurance, and insuring high safety measures and healthy environment accommodating all industry & facilities need.

11 K     sqm Storing Area
20 Distributions Centers
250 Million Investment to date
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