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Aman for Microfinance, a subsidiary of Raya Holding for Financial Investment, established in 2018. Works as an arm for Aman Financial services a leading FINTECH company in Egypt, providing suitable timely and diversified financial solutions for the non-banked or those who have limited access to funding empowered by advanced technology solutions to make the process easier, faster, and more beneficial.

Aman For Microfinance
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The company has laid out a strong infrastructure of technical and technological capabilities. It has also agreed and signed a deal with a global leader for systems and electronic programs to provide a system for the exchange, collection, and follow up of the outgoing financials of micro-enterprise projects and businesses, a deal that constitutes a major surprise for the micro-finance market in Egypt.

Aman for Microfinance is basing its strategy on attracting a select group of distinguished talents in the field of micro-finance to serve as principal officials and executives. Such strategy is complemented with an aim to build a sustainable model for financing clients that is characterized by speed, flexibility, and creativity in a way that fits the nature of the field’s clientele and guarantees optimum efficiency both in terms of time and payments.

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Aman For Microfinance
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