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Raya Foods is one of the subsidiaries of Raya Holding. Raya Foods acquired The International Union for Integrated Food Industries’ factory - that has been operating in the market since 2006 - offering a wide variety of frozen fruits and vegetables to the Egyptian local market covering the basic day-to-day product range as well as new innovative food solutions that are catered to consumers’ needs.

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Raya Foods
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Raya Foods aims to be the recognized industry leader and the global leading supplier of healthful, wholesome, and nutritious prepared foods, putting product innovation, consumer insight, and customer partnerships as the main pillars throughout their ongoing expansion plan. This will be established by our team that consists of the finest experts in the field to draw together a new picture of supreme quality.

Raya Foods launched two brands in the local market under the names “Lazah” and “Everest”
Everest brand believes that vegetables are one of the most important daily dishes in every home. That’s why we always seek the highest quality, the newest trends and offerings to deliver freshly harvested products with the highest nutritious values to the market. Therefore, the brand introduces a range of products that satisfies consumer needs starting from the basic to an innovative, healthy, vitamins rich range. Everest offers you the highest quality of your favorite frozen vegetables and fruits plus a range of mixes to feed your imagination.

Lazah brand includes a product range of frozen vegetables that meets all consumers’ needs. Lazah always has the drive to bring adaptable, easy to prepare and efficient product range to enable consumers to prepare their meals at ease. Lazah enables the average family, with efficient product range and affordable pricing; to have the best quality and taste to delight the whole family.

8 K  Tons Storage Capacity
35 K  Tons / Year Production Capacity
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Raya Foods anticipates 20% growth in upcoming 5 years

Company targets 20,000 tonnes in exports by year-end, doubling to 40,000 by 2023 Raya Foods, a subsidiary of Raya Holding for Financial Investments, anticipates an annual growth of 20% over the next five years, despite the global challenges of coronavirus (COVID-19). Omar Abdel Aziz, CEO of Raya Foods, said the company’s goal is to provide […]